• President or delegate AND 2 more associated delegates each from member universities/institutes.
  • If there is a call for voting, each universities/institutes is eligible for only ONE vote.
  • If there is any debate, dispute, or crucial conclusion to be made, there must be presidents (delegates will not be counted) more than half of the whole. Otherwise, the conclusion or the debate must be postponed.


  • Universities/Institutes can propose issues and submits to the CUPT working committee for consideration. The proper ones will be submitted to the secretariat in order to compile into the agenda and it will be distributed to the participants 7 days prior to the particular meeting.

Financial of the CUPT

  • In 1973, the CUPT fund was established. The secretariat was appointed to be in charge of the treasurer of the fund since then.
  • In 1976, the CUPT fund regulation (1976) was conceived and each member universities/institutions monetarily contributes 5,000 baht per annum.
  • In 1985, the rate was changed to 10,000 baht per annum.
  • Since 1995, it has been shifted to 40,000 per annum.